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Amazon in 2017

Amazon is the #1 marketplace in the US and it is growing rapidly. It sold over $100 billion worth of goods last year and the majority of those sales came from 3rd party sellers. Chances are you are one too. Our mission through Amazon consulting is to partner with high-quality brands and to get the results you deserve, by optimizing your product listing and refining your marketing strategies. We look forward to collaborating with you.

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The Rise of Mobile Traffic

Mobile users have rapidly surpassed desktop users in the past years and this has powerful implications for your business. User interaction on mobile differs widely with desktop habits and the evolution of integrated payment systems like Apple Pay with online platforms like Amazon will mean less time between intent and purchase. This means your listing must now address the features and benefits of buying your product in an artful and persuasive style where before you had the luxury to rely purely on the economic superiority of your listing. With changing times comes new strategies and our mission here at Amazon consulting is to stay at the forefront of this evolving field to save you the grunt work of spending time and money failing your way through new ideas.

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