In Charge Of Search Engine Optimization At Your Business? Follow These Do’s And Don’ts!


When you are tasked with the responsibility of search engine optimization at the company you work for in New Canaan or elsewhere, you might feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. To be honest, you just might. How easily someone finds your company website has a huge impact on how many potential consumers you reach, and that in turn impacts how much business you actually get. On top of that, though, the conversion rate of your website has to be high enough that your turning snared Internet searchers into actual dollars and sense.

To keep yourself organized and successful, follow these do’s and don’ts of search engine optimization in your job and company:

Do check out the pre-existing background or ‘karma’ of any domain names your company might use or recently bought. Many businesses, particularly in Connecticut, like to pick up expiring or used domain names to keep things cheap, especially if they are a small business where every dime matters. However, any domain name used previously might have negative consequences associated with it. If the previous owner or their SEO expert conducted black hat tactics, the penalties might still be in place. However, any positive ranking or page rank attained might also be there to exploit.

Don’t assume you can’t do anything about previous owner black hat tactics. Check with the search engines you are aiming to rank well in about what you can do, as there might be tweaks you can make to your website that meet their approval or even disavow lists that get them to ignore certain backlinks and websites mentioning your domain. This may not be the case with New Canaan businesses as their SEO history is quite recent.

Do monitor the rankings regularly. It might seem obsessive to check in on where you rank in the SERPs daily or weekly, but routine monitoring is essential to see your success or lack thereof. While search engine optimization is often a long game, Google changes to their algorithm can toss the listings like a tin of cookies at any given moment. You want to know when such upheavals happen so you can respond appropriately.

Don’t immediately assume that a Google algorithm change is the end of the world. Just because you might get negatively impacted does not mean you were doing something wrong and need to get paranoid moving ahead. In fact, there’s a 50/50 chance you might come out ahead of their latest changes.

Do keep up with other webmasters and those in the SEO industry. Their chatter and analysis will often keep you up to speed with what is going on within this sector more than anyone.

Don’t expect Google to announce things. Anything. They rarely announce their core algorithm updates anymore, much less what they did or why. The Internet giant does tend to make serious tweaks several times a year, so keep your eyes and ears open for reports of changes and look for them in your own data and analytics. However, keep in mind they also sometimes make minute tweaks several times a day.

Do focus on ROI. That’s return on investment. The company brass above you might think in a tight economy that some things need cut, and since search engine optimization doesn’t yield the kind of tangible results they see and feel with their eyes and hands, it might be on you to remind them how SEO gives them far more bang for the buck than any other kind of advertising.

Don’t try to undercut the marketing department. Even if you think pointing out what business your SEO work does bring in might help your department or job from getting funding cuts in lean budget times, that does not mean you’re trying to elbow out any other marketing effort or department that focuses on other mediums. In fact, you should be coordinating your efforts with those that handle radio and television commercials, print ads, and mailers throughout Connecticut. Consistent marketing message and branding is essential across the board.

Do know what you’re strong at personally. If you were hired or designated as the point person on search engine optimization, then you likely have a successful background in some aspect of it, be it the technical tweaking of the website, generating backlinks en masse from high-quality sources, or content creation. While you should always look to upgrade your weak areas, always make sure you have someone you can delegate to when good work is critical to the success of the business.

Don’t focus on just one area. Like previously mentioned, SEO involves technical aspects, backlinks, and content creation. Make sure you have good efforts going on all three fronts at all times. There should be constant tracking of beginning to end results, as in getting people to the website, giving them useful content to gain their trust, and then converting them into actionable leads or actual sales. These tips should help your New Canaan business rank higher online.