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For small business owners, marketing often has a bad connotation attached to it. Consultants often charge high fees and delivering uncertain results. It is important to educate yourself in digital marketing 101 fundamentals to have a basic level of fluency when discussing a potential marketing arrangement with an agency.

Local Marketing New Canaan Search Engine Consultant

It is important to determine which platform you intend to use for your business marketing strategy. YouTube works well with home services, to illustrate the before and after. Yelp works well with restaurants. Facebook works well with tech companies (along with most niches). Optimizing different social media platforms for your brand will help your overall internet performance. Social media has a trivial connotation for a lot of serious business owners. But shift your mindset about it and look at social media as a digital marketplace. Each user is a potential customer for you. Certainly, Instagram caters to a younger audience, and home services would not be an appropriate attraction for them. But Facebook or LinkedIn would. All these factors impact your local marketing strategy.

Monsoon Hill Media is based in New Canaan, CT and we are interested in educating local business owners on basic digital marketing principles. Offer inexpensive services for free in exchange for a review or a rating online. The long-term impact of seemingly trivial actions like this snowballs into social trust and greater authority online. This can only help your brand. Start familiarizing yourself with simple aspects of the digital marketplace (such as reviews) that can powerfully help your local marketing efforts.

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