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“Local search is extremely important… Half of all mobile searches are done with local intent in mind.”


“The first position on Google gets an enormous percentage of overall traffic. 1 out of 3 clicks on the organic search results go to the first listing.”


“Search engines are originating an enormous share of phone calls. By the end of 2018, an estimated 73 billion phone calls will originate from search engines on mobile alone.”


“Search engines are a match made in heaven with travelers. 60% of travelers report starting their travel plans on search engines.”

Social Media Today

“The search engine is the portal to the internet. 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine.”

Search Engine Journal


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3.5 Billion Searches on Google Every Day

And this number continues to go up, as more and more people use the Internet to simplify their lives.

Monsoon Hill leverages the enormous amount of traffic online so that your business can get the exposure it deserves!

Whether you are a large business in Stamford or a small one in New Canaan, we offer Connecticut SEO services to any and all companies that need it.

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Take Advantage of Free, Organic Traffic

One of the aspects that make Monsoon Hill Media one of the top agencies in CT is that we fully acknowledge the power of free traffic.

So many companies bury themselves in advertising budgets and don’t realize that search engine optimization can put you at the top of the results page – for free!

Increase Your Revenue By Increasing Your Exposure

The #1 thing that SEO will help you with is exposure. Think of Google like a mall. Now your shop can be placed in the busiest section – a.k.a Page 1. Or it can be five floors up in a dark corner – a.k.a Page 7.

Remember, Google is trying to make it easy for people to find your business. Help them help you.

Search marketing is the art of nudging your shop into the busiest part of the mall. And it is really worth it.

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Stamford SEO

Hello, we are Monsoon Hill and our #1 priority is to get you ranked on the first page of Google so you can get more traffic which translates to more sales.

As a business, when looking for a Stamford SEO Company it is critical that you make sure they are walking the talk. If they do not rank highly for their own keywords, how can they rank you?

This city is one of the largest in Connecticut, in part due to its proximity to NYC. We are amongst others the top Stamford SEO Expert because we understand that in order to be the best you need to constantly be sharpening your sword, so to speak. We pride ourselves on being at the cutting-edge of search engine optimization technology, which is ever changing (thank you for the extra work, Google!).

As a business, it is vital that you are set up correctly online, positioned to benefit from enormous amounts of searches on Google. What will determine the best SEO company in Stamford is whether they can deliver back to their clients the full value and much more of their investment. You are trusting us with your investment, and it is our ultimate priority to over-deliver on what we promise. If we cannot make you happy, we have failed. Our success is predicated on your success.

We look forward to serving you as a top search engine agency in Connecticut (CT).

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