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Hello! I’m Blake, the SEO expert at Monsoon Hill Media, a digital marketing agency based in New Canaan, and serving regions throughout Connecticut.

I’m passionate about helping business owners not freak out when it comes to using the internet to soar past their competition. My job is to get them onto the first page of Google, where the majority of people search for solutions to their problems. It’s sad to say, but nobody is scrolling through Pages 3 and more for answers.

Our priority at Monsoon Hill Media is a happy client. Our goal is to over deliver on what the client expects – we want to wow you. Your success is our success. And that means getting to Page 1, not Page 3. The difference of two pages is enormous.

So! We hope you enjoy the website. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.

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Thank you,
Monsoon Hill Media

Email: info@monsoonhill.com